Friday, 5 August 2016

The Dead London Chronicles Vol II

I'm excited to share the latest collection of my free Gothic online story, The Dead London Chronicles.

You can follow story every week at its dedicated website here, or you can download the collected monthly chapbooks completely free from the links below. I hope you enjoy this tale of vampires, poodles, dashing doctors and plucky gals!

Volume I: June 2016
Volume II: July 2016

Step back in time for volume II of an 18th century world where highwaymen roamed the roads, artists faded in obscure unhappiness, silk-clad poodles held London society enraptured and viscounts couldn't feel their own thumbs. Here be monsters, magic and lonely doctors with a penchant for the work of the old masters, not to mention a cavalcade or rogues, royals and revelry.

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