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Princess Seraphina, Drag Queen and Molly, Goes to Court!

I'm thrilled to welcome Izzy Vance to the salon today, with a tale of homesexuality and drag queens in 18th century London. Izzy is the author of The Dandy and the Duke, a series of saucy shorts telling a most bawdy tale! 

Sleep Tomorrow Away, Izzy's erotic vampire short story set in Georgian London, is FREE worldwide on 4th and 5th June; buy via AmazonUK and AmazonUSA or your local link.


It’s an absolute delight to be joining Madame Gilflurt at the salon, and just as much of a delight to finally unleash the bawdy, romantic (and very spicy) story of The Dandy and the Duke loose on the ebook buying public! The Dandy and the Duke is a series of short stories that bring to life the sexy Georgian romance between Nicholas Landon, the womanizing Duke of Kendal and Alexandre Armistead, notorious dandy! 

Of course, life in the LGBT community in the 18th century was far from plain sailing, with sodomy a capital offence that saw more than a few men go to the gallows. One who didn’t, however, was the marvellous Princess Seraphina, the first drag queen in England!

Seraphina, aka John Cooper, was out and proud, strutting her stuff in Georgian London with her entourage, enjoying celebrate and usually decked out entirely in her female regalia.  She worked as a servant and a molly (homesexual prostituete) and lit up the town. Everyone knew that she was a man and she created a stir wherever she went. Unfortunately for Seraphina, an unscrupulous fellow named Tom Gordon attempted a spot of blackmail in 1732, but it proved to be a big mistake!

Tom stole clothes from Seraphina and, when she threatened him with the law, told her that she’d end up on trial for sodomy if she did. Bring it, said Seraphina, and took Tom to court for the theft, where she appeared in her male garb, perhaps to spare the judge some blushes.

Cooper told the court that Seraphina had mugged him that night, stealing his clothes and a ring. She countered that Cooper had tried to force his attentions on her. Witnesses appeared for the defence who told the court that Seraphina would have no cause to rob Cooper and that she was considerably better off than he, with no need to steal the supposed victim’s scruffy clothes. 

In the end, the court found Princess Seraphina not guilty of the charges against her and she sallied forth from court as an innocent gal. This is the last we see of her in the historical record, a tantalising glimpse of another side of life in Georgian England.

This other side of life is what I wanted to bring to life in The Dandy and the Duke, a historical erotic romance with a difference!

About the Author
Izzy Vance writes smart, saucy historical erotica with an emphasis on character, story and spice.  Her short stories will amuse, excite and plunge you back in time to a world where anything goes!

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Sleep Tomorrow Away

Sleep Tomorrow Away, Izzy's erotic vampire short story set in Georgian London, is FREE worldwide on 4th and 5th June; buy via AmazonUK and AmazonUSA or your local link.

Sleep Tomorrow Away Extract

No word from Elisabeth, Daniel Hudson told himself as he stepped out of his house and into the hot summer evening, hearing the sounds of celebrations from the street beyond. Fireworks still lit the sky, the voices of those who thronged the byways of London still raised in celebration of the new king’s coronation. His own excitement had been tempered as the woman he waited for, yearned for, did not arrive, the house that he had hoped would be ringing with the sounds of pleasure, the heady sensations of lovemaking, silent and dark now.

As midnight came and went he knew that she would not return, that the nights they had stolen were over, their passion fleeting.

Lissie, his Lissie, was not coming back this night or any other.

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The Dandy and Duke Extract

As a man so intent on being a man, one for whom hunting, shooting and wenching were the pastimes of choice, Nic was not used to being cradled yet now, he realised, that was exactly what had happened. He let Alexandre draw them both down onto the pillows, still resting in his friend’s gentle caress, the world a place he had long since ceased to understand.

I want this, he thought vaguely, kissing Alexandre’s pale shoulder. Whatever this is.

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