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Being Mr Wickham1st July, The Haymarket, Basingstoke - This performance has been postponed to 31st January 2021 (ticketholders should not contact the venue, but should wait for the venue to contact them)
Past Events

Being Mr Wickham, 15th September 2019, Old Theatre Royal, Bath

More Than a Dream: Imagination and Innovation in the Age of Enlightenment, 29th September 2019, Stamford Arts Centre

Being Mr Wickham, 29th September 2019, Stamford Arts Centre

Jane Austen and the King of Bling, 4th June 2019, Gunnersbury Park

Jane Austen and the King of Bling, 7th November 2018, Boston Spa WI

Museums at Night: Dido Belle and Kenwood House, 26th and 27th October 2018, Kenwood House 

In Conversation with Adrian Lukis, 21st September 2018, Bath Jane Austen Festival

Mr Wickham and Mrs Clarke, 17th September 2018, Bath Jane Austen Festival

Divorce, Georgian Style, 11th July 2018, Sunderland Georgian Festival

Peter and the Wild Boy, 11th July 2018, Sunderland Georgian Festival

The Many Lovers of the King of Bling, 10th June 2018, Newstead Byron Society

The Many Lovers of the King of Bling, 25th May 2018, Almondbury

Museums at Night, 18th May 2018, Kenwood House

Jane Austen and the King of Bling, 17th March 2018, Jane Austen Society of the Midlands, Stafford

An Evening with Jane Austen, 11th March 2018, Wellington College

Peter the Wild Boy, 15th February 1018, Oadby

Almondbury Library Christmas Party6th December 2017, Huddersfield

Northern Writers Reading, 4th December 2017, Marsden

An Evening with Jane Austen, 26th November 2017, The Hurlingham Club

An Evening with Jane Austen, 29th October 2017, Godmersham Park

An Evening with Jane Austen, 1st October 2017, Kenwood House

The Curious Story of Peter the Wild Boy, 24th September 2017, Stamford Georgian Festival

An Evening with Jane Austen, 24th September 2017, Stamford Georgian Festival

The Mad King and the Coronation Chair, 23rd September 2017, Stamford Georgian Festival

Jane Austen and the King of Bling, 11th September 2017, Jane Austen Festival, Bath

An Evening with Jane Austen, 10th September 2017, Jane Austen Festival, Bath

The Scandalous George IV, 7th July 2017, Cannon Hall, West Yorkshire

Mania and Melancholy - mental health in the eighteenth century, Dr Johnson's House, London, 19th April 2017, Dr Johnson's House, London

A Celebration of Jane Austen with Adrian Lukis, 5th March 2017, Huddersfield

Emma Hamilton: Seduction Late, 14th February, The National Maritime Museum, London

Dr Johnson's Birthday Supper, 22nd September 2016, Dr Johnson's House, London 

Sam & George: When Dr Johnson met George III, 18th September 2016, Lichfield Guildhall

An Evening with Jane Austen, 4th September 2016, The Royal Pavilion, Brighton

Professional Credits
It's always a pleasure to receive a commission, and you can review my credits below:

BBC History Extra
Extreme Georgian Beauty Regimes: April 2016
Joseph Sellis and the Duke of Cumberland: March 2018

History Answers
A Marriage Made in Hell: September 2015
The Murderous King George I: July 2016

Jane Austen’s Regency World
An Evening with Jane Austen, Interview with Adrian Lukis: May 2016

All About History
Extensive entries in the All About History bookazines of US Presidents, Pirates, London, Scandal, Lost Cities, Windsors, Enlightenment, Georgians, Vampires, Vikings, Tudors, Plantagenets, Knowledge, Napoleon, First Ladies, Egypt, Protests and Medicine.
Multiple book, television and movie reviews.
Winston Churchill, Hero or Villain?: December 2015
Mutiny on the Bounty: January 2016
The All About History Book of American Presidents: February 2016
15 Craziest Assassination Plots: May 2016
The Great Fire of London: September 2016
How Absinthe Intoxicated the Bourgeoisie: September 2016
History's Weirdest Weddings: October 2016
The Carlton House Set: October 2016
Vlad the Impaler: October 2016
What if Louis XVI had Lived: February 2017
Hero or Villain: Jos├ęphine de Beauharnais: June 2017
Never Mind the Blokes!: July 2017
History vs Hollywood: The Death of Louis XIV: August 2017
History vs Hollywood: Becoming Jane: September 2017
History's Greatest Plagues: September 2017
The Great Plague of London: September 2017
History vs Hollywood: Burke and Hare: October 2017
Halloween History Around the World: October 2017
The History of the Jack O'Lantern: October 2017
17 Things You Didn't Know About the Russian Revolution: November 2017
A Day in the Life of Marie Antoinette's Hairdresser: November 2017
The Real Wicked Lady: December 2018
History vs Hollywood: Alone in Berlin: January 2018
Real-Life Robin Hoods: February 2018
Time-Traveller's Handbook to Sparta: May 2018
Time-Traveller's Handbook to China: June 2018
Gilles de Rais, the Real Bluebeard: October 2018
Page to Scream: Villains Who Inspired Literary Foes: December 2018
The Real Mr Hyde: September 2019

History of Royals
Marie Antoinette’s Extreme Makeover: April 2016
Grace Kelly, From Hollywood to Monaco: April 2016
Franz Ferdinand, The Jaegermeister: May 2016
Francis II, A King Without a Kingdom: June 2016
Ivan VI, The Lost Tsar: July 2016
Sisi of Austria, Beauty Queen: July 2016 
The Mayerling Incident: October 2016
Princess Margaret's Forbidden Love: November 2016
The House of Hanover: November 2016
A Polish Love Story: December 2016
The Lioness of Brittany: February 2017
Haemophilia: The Royal Disease: March 2017
Fred and George: A Family at War: May 2017
The House of Bernadotte: June 2017
The Sture Murders: July 2017
Highland Culture: August 2017

Explore History
Capability Brown Gardens: May 2016
WWII Museums in France: May 2016
Octavia Hill, Heritage Hero: May 2016
Landmark Trust Stays: June 2016
Roman Roads in the North of England: June 2016
The Best Temples in Bangkok: June 2016
Eugene Viollet-le-Duc, Heritage Hero: June 2016
Serbian WWII Memorials: July 2016
Strange Places, Kizhi Island: June 2016
Strange Places, Drakelow Tunnels: July 2016
Iron Age Hillforts in South West England: July 2016
Tombs in Lahorre: July 2016
Historic German Palaces: July 2016
Strange Places, Tintic Standard Reduction Mill: August 2016
Hungarian Castles: August 2016
Incan Ruins in South America: August 2016
Presidential History Museums in the USA: August 2016
Lighthouses in the Republic of Ireland: August 2016
Mining Museums in Wales: August 2016
Circus Maximus: August 2016
The Baths of Caracalla: August 2016
Churches in Venice: September 2016
Historic Gardens in MarrakechSeptember 2016
Tin Mines in CornwallSeptember 2016
Martello Towers in JerseySeptember 2016
Museum ships in SwedenSeptember 2016
Strange Places, The Italian Chapel, Lamb Holm: September 2016
Strange Places, Santa Roma de Sau: October 2016
Abbeys in Cambridgeshire: October 2016
Ancient Egyptian Temples: October 2016
The Castles and Palaces of Corfu: October 2016
Hiroshima Memorial Sites: October 2016
Stone Circles in North Scotland: October 2016
My Favourite Places: Alexander Vlahos: October 2016
George III and Kew Palace: October 2016
Living History Museums in the South of England: November 2016
Communist-Era Monuments in Bulgaria: November 2016
War Memorials in France: November 2016
Mills in Norfolk: November 2016
Ancient Greek Ruins: November 2016
Author Museums in New York: December 2016
Painted Monasteries in Romania: December 2016
Dargavs Village: December 2016
Historic Transport on the Isle of Man: December 2016
Restoring Brodsworth Hall: December 2016
Giant Buddhas of Japan: December 2016
Castles in North Wales: January 2017
Hidden Cemeteries of Paris: January 2017
Castles of Copenhagen: January 2017
Rural Life Museums in East Anglia: January 2017
Synagogues of Prague: January 2017
Temples of Kathmandu: January 2017
Historic Galloway Churches: January 2017
Battle Memorials in Belgium: January 2017
Georgian Stately Homes in Northern England: January 2017
The Mystery of Amelia Earheart: February 2017
The Leatherlips Monument: February 2017