My Guests

On occasion, I have the privilege of throwing open the salon doors to guest writers who share their passion and expertise for the long 18th century with visitors.

Links to these posts can be found below. If you would like to contribute a guest post, please use the buttons on the right to get in touch via Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or send me a missive!

I am also honoured to be a member of the English Historical Fiction Authors blog and a columnist for Whizzpast, where I share more from the glorious Georgian era; you can also find me in All About History magazine, bringing my quill to all manner of subjects!


My Estimable Guests

Suzanne Adair

Ad Astra

Sarah Agnew

Helen Maria Williams: A lost reputation in defence of liberty

Judith Arnopp

Writing Historical Fiction

Jane Ashton

Accomplishments, Not Expertise!

Stephen Baines
Merchant Ships Ruled the Waves

Avellina Balestri

Real, Solid, and Unbending: The Life and Legacy of Sir John Moore
For the Glory of the Marines: The Life and Legacy of Major John Pitcairn

Denise Bates

A Breach of Promise to Marry

Charles Bazalgette
Prinny's Tailor

Matthew Beckett

Syngenta's Shame

Anna Belfrage
Foreswearing Your Faith

Bluestocking Belles

Fun Out of Chaos

Katherine Bone

Give a Man a Good Ship and He Can Do Extraordinary Things 

Christine Boulton

The Brontë Sisters

Lucinda Brant
Boats, Barges and Sledges: Gadding About Abroad

Martin Otto Braun

Of Kings, Myths and Masons – European Nobility and Freemasonry

Ayr Bray

Lead Mining Corruption, Bribery and Murder

Debra Brown and Stephanie Cowell

Travel, Vicariously or Otherwise

Lally Brown

Napoleon's Exorbitant Expense Account

Collette Cameron

Dovecotes - Not Just Quaint Buildings 

Lisa Chaplin

Where Did Robert Fulton Go?

Naomi Clifford

The Horrible Murder of Count and Countess d’Antraigues

Claire Cock-Starkey
How to Skin a Lion: First, Do Your Research
Writing Up

Corrina Connor

Carol Cork

Sasha Cottman

Paul Cunningham
John Wilkes: the Truth, the Filth, and the Birth of the Fourth Estate

Sheila Dalton

Contraception in Early Modern England

Jacki Delecki

Why You Should Go Audio
Fashion Dolls
What's Love Got to Do With It: Marriage with an Agenda

Shannon Donnelly

A Jewel in Paris

Linday Downs

La Contessa and the Marquis 

David Ebsworth

The Last Campaign of Marianne Tambour

Tracy Edingfield

On Inspiration

Ellen Rose Eley

A Regency House Party
Finding Darcy

Grace Elliot

Jonathan Tyers – Creator of Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens
Rags to Riches: The true story of Elizabeth and Maria Gunning

Susanna Ellis

Camp Followers in the Peninsular War

Jeanna Ellsworth

The Tropes of Regency Romance

Charlotte Frost

Princely Debts and a Wealth of Resources

Mariana Gabrielle

The Fall of the Tawaif

Kathryn Gauci

Prelude to Revolution: Sultan Mahmud II and Ali Pasha of Ioannina

Maria Grace
Toys and Games of the 18th Century

Monica Hall

The Art of Deception: Georgian Cosmetics
Astronomy vs. Astrology: Science vs. Superstition in the 18th Century

Beppie Harrison

The Roads of Ireland in Regency Times

Elise Huntington

Choose Your Own Adventure... 18th Century Style!

Kristi Jun
Interview with a Regency Writer

Julia Justiss

The Thunder of Hoofbeats

Kathryn Kane

Flowers in the House: A History

Heather King

The English Country House
Copenhagen's Last Charge
Marengo: Myth or Nineteenth Century Rip-Off?

Caroline Jane Knight
Label Your Library

Jude Knight

The Regency Sex Trade
Christmas in the Regency

Rachel Knowles

Regency Travel

Georgie Lee

The Middle Class in Regency England
The English in France During the Peace of Amiens

Elisabeth Lenckos

Eliza Hancock de Feuillide Austen 

Catherine Lloyd

Death Comes to London

Liz Lloyd

Murder on the Thames... or was it?

MJ Logue

Rehabilitating the Romantic Roundhead

CW Lovatt

The Siege of Louisbourg

Colin MacDonald

John of the Battles

Sarah Mallory
German Sausages and Flying Ambulances

Sandra Masters

Never Give Up on Your Dream

Mimi Matthews

Keats, Endymion, and Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine
Austen, Heyer, & the Prince of Orange: Pugs in Literature and History

Mary Moore
Interesting Apparel

Sarah Murden and Jo Major

General Jean Sarrazin Spy, Traitor & Trigamist

Ginger Myrick

Marie Antoinette Bucking the System (of Etiquette)

Jane Odiwe
Jane Austen Lives Again!

Julie Peakman

Peg Plunkett: Memoirs of a Whore

Chris Pearce

A Lost Child at Peterloo

Lisa Pliscou

Jane Austen at School: “I Could Have Died of Laughter” 

Christine Plunkett

The Restoration of Ralph Allen's Tomb

Kitty Pridden

The Georgian Dining Academy

Dirk Puehl

The Adventures of Baron Anson

Laura Purcell

Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz
The King's Palaces
The Illness of George III
Alicia Rasley
Masquerades and Meaning

Sarah Read

You Are Female, I Won't Say Woman

Miranda Reading

A Modern Girl’s Guide to Historical Living 

Jacqui Reiter

Mary Elizabeth, Countess of Chatham 
The Collapse of the Earl of Chatham in the House of Lords 
John Pitt, 2nd Earl of Chatham
Charles Manners, 4th Duke of Rutland

Renée Reynolds

The Malapropism

Eileen Richards
The Lake District in the Early 19th Century

Tara Rout

A Regency Ball

Charlotte Russell

The Hampden Clubs

William Savage

The Amazing Kembles

Shannon Selin
Caroline Bonaparte Murat, Napoleon’s Treasonous Sister  
Elisa Bonaparte Baciocchi, Napoleon’s Smart Sister
  Francesca Blanch Serrat 
Poor Wand'ring Wretches!

Sarah Shaw

A Georgian Summer Picnic

Adam Smith 
An 18th and 19th Century Garden in the Heart of Sheffield 
Coffee, Culture and Conversation in the 18th Century
Johnson, Addison, Austen, Wilde and More 

Nick Smith 

Lesser Spotted Pirate: Rachel Wall

Becca St John

The English Pudding ~ or ~ Comfort Foods of the British Isles

Joana Starnes

A Lighter Side of the Peninsular Campaign
The Unthinkable Triangle

Amy Street

 The Challenges of Writing a Jane Austen Sequel 

Terry Tyler

Modern Day Fiction from Historical Fact


Lord and Lady Grange; Or, Why It Is a Great Pity the 18th Century Never Got Around to Inventing Reality TV

Antoine Vanner
1759: "The Wonderful Year"

Sheena Vernon

Handel and the English

Sarah Waldock
The Saucy Seventh

Regan Walker

History as a Character in Historical Romance 
Faith in Georgian England Part 1: The 18th Century
Faith in Georgian England Part 2: Regency England (and the 19th Century)
Faith in Georgian England Part 3 – The Additional Factors Affecting Faith 
The Ursulines 

Sarah Walters
A Book of Cookery, by a Lady

Geri Walton

The Great Plague of Marseille in 1720

Caroline Warfield

22 Hans Place: Mrs. Rowden’s School
Byron, Rebellion and the Greeks

Brian Watson

The Raunchy World of Edmund Curll

Sue Wilkes

Fashionable Fabrics in Jane Austen's Day

Willow C Winsham

Ghost Ships, Treasure and Tragedy: The Lovibond
Of Welshmen and Mermaids

Chris Woodyard

The Haunting of La Clarion
An Apparition at Cambridge
The Ghost of Madame Gould

Stephenie Woolterton 

Re-thinking the Death of William Pitt the Younger: His Legacy
 Humphry Repton’s Memoirs of Two British Prime Ministers 
Happy 255th birthday, William Pitt the Younger: Remembering Hayes Place
Lady Hester Stanhope on Board the H.M.S. Salsette    

DD Wynne
Opportunites Vs Oppression

Lady Folding a Letter by Elisabeth Vigee-Lebrun, 1784
Lady Folding a Letter by Elisabeth Vigee-Lebrun, 1784

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