An Evening with Jane Austen: Testimonials and Reviews

What Audiences Say...

"…perfect, really wonderful this evening has made my birthday perfect…"

"…the Persuasion piece sent shivers through me, my goodness Adrian and Caroline are good."

"…superb, Austen's unbeatable dialogue given the professional treatment by two superb actors."

"…the best Wickham ever!"

"…I loved Caroline, fantastic how convincing each change of character was, wow!"

"…hilarious, the funniest portrayal of Henry Tilney by Mr Lukis I have ever seen, he really highlighted the irony in Austen's writing, brilliant!"

"…Caroline and Adrian complimented each other perfectly, a truly wonderful evening, thank-you."

Reviews and Previous Performances

An Afternoon and Evening with Mr Wickham!
Adrian and Caroline Entertain

An Evening at Godmersham Park, 2015
Jane Austen Day 2014, Bath
The Jane Austen Festival 2014, Bath
The Jane Austen Festival 2013, Bath
The Jane Austen Festival: A History
The Jane Austen Festival: Insights

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