Monday, 24 April 2023

The Real Bridgerton is OUT NOW

I'm absiolutely thrilled to announce that my new book, The Real Bridgerton, is out now. It's available online and in bookstores, and will be released in the US and for ebooks on 3rd June. Find out more and buy it here, or wherever you get your books!

As millions of viewers across the globe thrill to the assembly room exploits of the Bridgerton family and wait with bated breath for Lady Whistledown’s latest despatch from Almack’s, scandal has never been so delicious. In a world where appearances were everything and gossip was currency, everyone had their price.

From a divorce case that hinged on a public demonstration of masturbation to the irresistible exploits of the New Female Coterie, via the Prince Regent’s dropped drawers and Lady Hamilton’s diaphanous unmentionables, The Real Bridgerton pulls back the sheets on the eighteenth century’s most outrageous scandals. Within these pages Lord Byron meets his match, the richest commoner in England falls for a swindler with a heart of stone, and forbidden love between half-siblings leaves a wife and her children reeling.

Behind the headlines and the breathless whispers in Regency ballrooms were real people living real lives in a tumultuous, unforgiving era. The fall from the very pinnacle of society to the gutter could be as quick as it was brutal. If you thought that Bridgerton was as shocking as the Georgians got, it’s time to think again.

Thursday, 2 March 2023

Inside the World of Bridgerton is OUT NOW!

Discover the true Regency history behind the TV phenomenon. Find out more here!

Inside the World of Bridgerton explores the historical inspirations behind the hit series, and illuminates the fascinating details of real life in Regency high society.

This revealing guide covers everything from class  and the crucial role played by marriage to the stunning fashion, culture and social events of the time that have enchanted audiences and history fanatics worldwide. With further chapters dedicated to sexracethe media and more, this is a window into the real history that has helped make Bridgerton into a global phenomenon.

With advice on what to – and what not to – wear, how to see and be seen, the reality of ‘coming out’ in public, and decoding the real-life scandal sheets on which the beloved TV show is largely based, Inside the World of Bridgerton highlights how the real ladies and gentlemen of Regency England lived and loved.

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Wednesday, 1 March 2023

Betwixt the Sheets

From sex to dentures to stinky princesses and everything in between, I am thrilled to be visiting Betwixt the Sheets with Kate Lister, to pull back the bedclothes and reveal the real Bridgerton

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Monday, 20 February 2023

My BBC Radio 4 Debut

I was absolutely thrilled to be invited along to PM on BBC Radio 4 this weekend to chat about the BBC's new adaptation of Great Expectations and the lure of the costume drama. You can catch the chat at the link below.

PM on BBC Radio 4