Friday 28 November 2014

A Fatal Fall: Johann Peter Salomon

Johann Peter Salomon (Bonn, Germany, baptised 20th February 1745 – London, England, 28th November 1815) 

Johann Peter Salomon

Today we mark the death of Johann Peter Salomon, composer and violinist. Salomon was born in the house in Bonn that would later see the birth of a certain Beethoven, and from childhood prodigy, rose to the heights of musical excellence.

Salomon excelled as a violinist from a young age and before he was even twenty, was a leading light at the Prussian court. Not content with playing music, he was soon composing too and as his star rose, he travelled across Europe to settle in London.

It was here that Salomon found celebrity, both as a violinist and for the works he wrote for the Royal Opera to perform. Hayden came to England at the invitation of Salomon and the two men shared an enduring friendship, championing one another's works.

Salomon met a sad end in his seventieth year, just two years after he was instrumental in the establishing of the Philharmonic Society. Whilst taking a summer ride in 1815 he fell from his horse and sustained injuries that would later lead to dropsy. Confined to his bed in 70 Newman Street, the much-loved composer declined swiftly and passed away on 25th November. His funeral took place the following week, when he was laid to rest in Westminster Abbey.


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