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The Sons of George III
The sons of George III were prepared from infancy to take their place on the world’s stage, but as the king’s health failed and the country lurched from one drama to the next, they found that duty was easier said than done. With scandalous romances, illegal marriages, rumours of corruption and even the odd kidnapping plot, their lives were as breathless as they were dramatic. In The Elder Sons of George III: Kings, Princes, and a Grand Old Duke, travel from Great Britain to America and on to Hanover in the company of princes who were sometimes scandalous, sometimes sensational, but never, ever dull.

The Daughters of George III
From secret romances to dashing equerries, rumours of pregnancy, clandestine marriage and even a run-in with Napoleon, the six daughters of George III were leading ladies in their own stories, whether tragic or inspirational. In The Royal Nunnery: Daughters of George III, take a wander through the hallways of the royal palaces, where the king’s endless ravings echo deep into the night and his daughters strive to be recognised not just as princesses, but as women too.  

Sophia - Mother of Kings
Sophia, Electress of Hanover, was born to greatness. Granddaughter of James I and mother to George I, she was perhaps the finest queen that Britain never had. Through personal tragedy and public triumph, Sophia raised a family, survived illness, miscarriage, and accusations of conspiracy, and missed out on the British throne by a matter of weeks. Sophia of Hanover became the mother of one of the most glittering dynasties the world has ever known. From the House of Stuart to the House of Hanover, this is the story of her remarkable life.

The Imprisoned Princess
When Sophia Dorothea of Celle married her first cousin, the future King George I, she was an unhappy bride. Filled with dreams of romance and privilege, she hated the groom she called “pig snout” and wept at news of her engagement. When Sophia Dorothea plunged headlong into a passionate and dangerous affair with Count Phillip Christoph von Königsmarck, the stage was set for disaster. it was only a matter of time before scandal gripped the House of Hanover and tore the marriage of the heir to the British throne and his unhappy wife apart.

The Scandal of George III's Court
With everything from illegitimate children to illegal marriages, dead valets, and equerries sneaking about the palace by candlelight, these eyebrow-raising tales from the reign of George III prove that the highest of births is no guarantee of good behaviour. Prepare to meet some shocking ladies, some shameless gentlemen and some politicians who really should know better. Love, greed and ambition were the currency, and the stakes were high.

Queens of Georgian Britain
Meet the women who ruled alongside the Georgian monarchs, not forgetting Sophia Dorothea of Celle, the passionate princess who never made it as far as the throne. From lonely childhoods to glittering palaces, via family feuds, smallpox, strapping soldiers and plenty of scheming, these are the queens who shaped an era.

Kings of Georgian Britain
Take a step back in time and meet the wives, mistresses, friends and foes of these remarkable kings who shaped the nation, and find out what really went on behind closed palace doors. Whether dodging assassins, marrying for money, digging up their ancestors or sparking domestic disputes that echoed down the generations, the kings of Georgian Britain were never short on drama.

Life in the Georgian Court
Take a journey into the private lives of very public figures and learn of arranged marriages that turned to love or hate and scandals that rocked polite society. Here the former wife of a king spends three decades in lonely captivity, Prinny makes scandalous eyes at the toast of the London stage and Marie Antoinette begins her last, terrible journey through Paris as her son sits alone in a forgotten prison cell.


kotus123 said...

Could we have a full list of your books and articles here, or even as a blog post. please?
It would be wonderful for newbies like me who suddenly land on your site, and are thrilled to bits, to be able find some General but comprehensive information. May I suggest a good About page about you with more information on your path to becoming an author and your interest on the Georgian Era, basically you the person, and another page dedicated to your writing and maybe writing process in general, basically you the writer, and then, blog posts on each of your books!
I think some of your books are listed on your Bookshop page to buy, but other books you don't sell directly are listed on the right hand on a webpage column. For example Sophia Mother of Kings is not listed in your Main Bookshp page.
So I am wondering - how many books have you written, what is its breadth and depth....where oh where shall i start reading?!
And that is the important point, isnt it?
Congratulations on very readable blog posts. Looking forward to burying myself in the books....

Catherine Curzon said...

I think your comment overlapped with me doing some overhauling and updating work on the site - I've been so busy that I simply haven't had time until now to do a little housekeeping. The blog posts can be found in the sidebar to the right and the Books page has been completely updated. You can also find more about my writing and passion for the 18th century on "Why the Georgians", which is accessible from the page tabs at the top of the site.