The Georgians

The Georgian era began in 1714, when George I came to Britain as the first king born of the house of Hanover. His dynasty reigned until the death of William IV in 1837, when the crown passed to Queen Victoria. My passion for the Georgian era and its unique, eccentric and flamboyant monarchs has been part of my life for decades.

As a child I sat at my granddad’s knee in his cottage on the edge of Sherwood Forest and listened with relish to tales of outlaws and highwayman, and even the full-blooded story of Lord Byron’s ghost who, granddad claimed, haunted his rural local. 

Whether bawdy, bloodcurdling or just plain silly, my granddad’s tall tales left an impression, but it took a childhood shopping trip to cement my love of the Georgians. I always loved paper cutout dolls and was treated to a Marie Antoinette edition, featuring the queen and a whole host of bewigged flunkies. I fell in love with everything about her from the frocks to the wigs but best of all was my granddad’s spirited retelling of the queen’s gruesome fate.

My love affair with Marie Antoinette gradually became a passion for the long 18th century. It found an audience first on the internet and later in a series of books published by Pen & Sword. Since then I've co-written the play Being Mr Wickham with Adrian Lukis, which premiered to sell-out audiences in the UK, with international performances planned for the future. I'm lucky enough to be living my glorious Georgian dream and there are so many exciting developments on the horizon. Thrice huzzah!

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