Sunday 14 December 2014

A Sunday Salon Digest

As regular visitors to the salon will know, I post a new article on an aspect of Georgian or Regency life here every day and it is, of course, my pleasure to do so!

However, I know that not everyone can make a daily stop and although the blog archives are listed on the right hand side of the page, a few regular readers have been in touch to ask if a weekly digest might be a possibility.

I am always an amenable sort and so, starting this week for a trial period, Sunday will be digest day. I will post a very brief precis of the posts of that week and a link to each. 

I am always happy to listen to feedback and act on it wherever appropriate, so I hope this proves useful!

Marie Anne de Mailly-Nesle: Death of a Mistress
On Monday, we met Marie Anne de Mailly-Nesle; this celebrated royal mistress replaced her own sister at Versailles, but her triumph was as short-lived as she was!

The Georgian Art of Gambling
Tuesday found me turning my attention to The Georgian Art of Gambling, a charming little book. Do read my review and see if it takes your fancy!

Marie Antoinette Playing the Harp at the French Court
On Wednesday, I took a closer look at one of my favourite paintings, Marie Antoinette Playing the Harp at the French Court, a magnificent work with one or two in-jokes!

Edmund Curll: A Saucy Publisher!
For Thursday, where better than the erotic topography of Merryland, in the company of the book's saucy published, Edmund Curll!

Nelson's Silk Purse
On Friday, we made a stop at Trafalgar to examine the poignant, bloodstained silk purse Nelson was carrying at the moment he suffered the fatal shot.

"I have seen as much of life as the world can show" The Death of Dr Johnson
Finally, on Saturday, we peeked in at the death of the legendary Dr Johnson, after long months of melancholy.


Alanna Lucas said...

Love this!

Catherine Curzon said...

Wonderful; I hope people might find it helpful - I know not everybody gets a chance to check in every day!