Tuesday 27 January 2015

Salon Guests

It's time to turn the spotlight on my fantastic salon guests once more and take a look back at recent guest posts on the site. Please do take a look back at my earlier digest of guests and you can find a complete list of guest posts at this page. Should you wish to share a guest post here at the salon, do let me know!

Mary Moore visited the salon to share a story of a most unusual type of footwear favoured by Jane Austen; ideal for English winters and even wet summers, whilst Collette Cameron turned her attention to a most unusual type of building - the dovecote!

Caroline Warfield, meanwhile, was more concerned with the education of young ladies at Mrs Rowden's School whilst Christine Boulton shared her observations on the drama both in and about the lives of some other young ladies, the Brontë sisters

We stuck with the business of writing for Amy Street's thoughts on the challenges of writing a Jane Austen sequel, whilst Lindsay Downs let us in on his own writing processes, starting with a name! Writing of a different kind was on Paul Cunningham's mind and he lifted the lid on John Wilkes and the birth of the fourth estate.

Kathryn Gauci travelled a little further afield in her investigation of Sultan Mahmud II whilst Katherine Lloyd was somewhat closer to home, as she shared with us a tale of Georgian era giving way to the Victorian.

Regan Walked pair four visits to the salon as she considered history as a character in historical fiction and shared her fascinating three part series on faith in the long 18th century.

Last but not least, belief of a different kind with Willow C Winsham and the mermaids of Wales!

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