Saturday 3 January 2015

The Best of the Georgian Web

It's time for my round-up of my favourite posts from the Georgian web this week; pour yourself a cup of tea and enjoy!

A Peek Inside the Dining Room of Historic Lansdowne House
A closer look inside a Robert Adam drawing room!

Husband-Wives and the Gay Life in Georgian England
The fascinating history of same-sex marriage in the 18th century.

Christmas in Colonial Williamsburg
Lovely photos of the 2014 decorations in Colonial Williamsburg.

Napoleon's Last Hurrah - A Grave With No Name on St. Helena
A temporary tomb on St Helena and an Anglo-French argument over the epitaph!

Historic New England’s Wallpaper Collection Now Available Digitally
Three hundred years of wallpaper are now available to researchers in this fascinating resource.

Why Everybody Loves Gorgeous Georgian Homes
What is it about Georgian architecture that is so appealing, even today?

Five Fascinating Facts about the Brontë Sisters
Whose dog mourned her death and which sister was the first to coin the phrase "Wild West" on paper?

Launch of The Letters of William Godwin, Volume II: 1798-1805 
A podcast of four fascinating talks to mark the launch of Godwin's letters.

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