Sunday 18 January 2015

The Salon Digest

Once again, it's time for the salon week in review. Settle with a cup of tea, a slice of something nice and gad back through the week just gone.

The MM Bennetts Award for Historical Fiction
Don't miss your chance to enter this new award for historical fiction.

Faith in Georgian England Part 2: Regency England
Regan Walker visited to share the second in a three part series examining faith in the 18th century.

The Death of Frederick V of Denmark

A drunken fall proves fatal for a Danish monarch...

Dovecotes - Not Just Quaint Buildings
Collette Cameron visited to share the fascinating tale behind the fashion for dovecotes.

Interesting Apparel 

Mary Moore visited the salon with an insight into some very unusal female footwear!

The Best of the Georgian Web
Last but not least, Saturday once again found me showcasing the best of the long 18th century web.

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