Tuesday 24 March 2015

A Salon Guest: Tracy Edingfield on Inspiration

Today it's my pleasure to welcome Tracy Edingfield, author of His Sunshine Girl. As a divorce attorney, Tracy is uniquely placed to share her thoughts on happy ever after!


Thank you for inviting me to the salon to discuss the inspiration behind His Sunshine Girl!

The main reason I chose to write this particular story is that I am drawn to the Regency period. I like the rules of etiquette, the whole idea of “if you kiss her, you have to marry her” that means the stakes are that much higher. Reading about the dresses, the horses, the carriages, the tenants are thrilling for me, although I certainly am glad to live in modern times. 

As a divorce attorney, I think I’m also drawn to the beginning of the romance after having seen so many endings. I like the idea of ‘Happily Ever After’ in stories and in life. Happiness in marriage owes a great deal to chance, but it also takes a concentrated, joint effort. I know I failed to appreciate this when I fell in love and married. 

When I read a love story, I scour the pages for clues from the author regarding  the secrets of how this particular couple will stay married. I’m interested in how they communicate with one another and whether they sufficiently appreciate their partner’s unique qualities. If these components are met, then by the time I’ve finished the novel, I can believe that the characters’ love story is an enduring success and what’s not to like about that?

About the Author
Raised in Wichita, Kansas, Tracy graduated with honors from the University of Kansas and the School of Law from K.U. She practiced criminal defense, probate and family law and currently resides with her husband and two children in Valley Center, Kansas.

About the Book
His Sunshine Girl is the story of Anthony Courtenay, Lord Devon, returning to England after a five-year banishment. During the voyage home, he encounters Reverend Spencer, his delectable daughter, Chastity, and his shrewish niece, Mary Fellingham. Chastity is too innocent for a shipboard romance and too low-born for the earl to consider marrying, but neither of those facts deter Anthony from desiring her.

His Sunshine Girl, is available for $1.99 at www.smashwords.com or iTunes.com.

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Artemis said...

Tracy--I'm having a hard time getting my comment to show up, so you may see this twice--or not at all. Anyway, as a person who can't write fiction to save myself, but who loves to read it, I found your comments insightful. When I get a chance I need to get this novel and read it.