Saturday 28 March 2015

The Best of the Georgian Web

It's time to take a peek at the best of the Georgian web this week; settle back and have a browse!

Reflections on Jane Austen
My favourite Mr Wickham (aka Adrian Lukis) celebrates his birthday today; to mark the occasion, do enjoy this interview in which he shares his reflections on Pride and Prejudice.

A peek at the stars of James Gillray’s caricatures.

A wonderful, free and entirely legal resource!

A video of Mike Rendell's fantastic lecture.

A personal perspective on the new exhibition.

A Georgian tragedy...

News of a fantastic new discovery!

A chance to enjoy some fine Georgian dining in the heart of 21st century London. 

A glimpse behind the scenes  at Greenwich.

The tale of London’s first police force. 

What went on below stairs?


Rachel Donnelly said...

Thanks for the wonderful list.

Catherine Curzon said...

A pleasure; I always find so much more after I've already posted it, though!

Caecilia Dance said...

New food for procrastination- thank you!

Catherine Curzon said...

A pleasure!