Thursday 2 April 2015

A Salon Guest: A Regency House Party

Today I am joined by Ellen Rose Eley, of the Jane Austen Society Europe, who is here to share news of an opportunity to attend a Regency House Party this spring!


For the very first time in recent history and certainly since Channel 4's series, we are holding a "Regency House Party" 

Living under the same roof at Ingoldisthorpe Hall for five days, be prepared to travel back to 1815 and become a guest on a country estate living as your ancestors may have done 200 years ago.

Each and every guest will adopt a new identity at the time of their arrival till departure.You could be a wealthy countess or an impoverished fortune seeker in search of a husband or wife or content with your lot.

There will be a host of activities to enjoy, despite the advancing uncertainty of the outcome of Waterloo in a matter of weeks!

Whilst some of the events will be announced there will be surprises in store too. The Hall will host a ball, a soiree, a gothic evening and even a hellfire club of sorts! 

Daytime activities include sampling the country air, needlework, and outdoor pursuits whilst evenings will include card tables, wine tasting, conversation and compliments when the lady hostesses are out of view!

If you would like to find out more about the event or even book a place to join us, please visit!

Written content of this post copyright © Ellen Rose Eley, 2015.


Melanie Kerr said...

I have been trying to do this for years! I will definitely be following up on this.

Catherine Curzon said...

Fantastic! Keep us informed...

Angelina Jameson said...

This spring is too soon for me. Maybe if they have the event next year...

Catherine Curzon said...

Wonderful; to find out the plans for coming years, you can get in touch with Ellen via: