Monday 13 April 2015

A Thomas Lawrence Digest

Sir Thomas Lawrence PRA FRS (Bristol, England, 13th April 1769 - London, England, 7th January 1830) 

On this day, Sir Thomas Lawrence, one of the finest and most respected painters of the Georgian era, was born.

Lawrence's works have featured here at the Salon on numerous occasions and I have taken this opportunity to collect them into a digest. Below you will find three posts dedicated to three of this remarkable painter's most outstanding works and beneath that, posts where his evocative portraits illustrate stories from the Georgian age.

Sir Thomas Lawrence: Portrait of the Honourable Mrs. Seymour Bathurst
A wedding portrait of a society bride.

Sir Thomas Lawrence: Portrait of Elizabeth Farren
When Lawrence painted a famed actress, she was dismayed at just how slender he had made her...

Sir Thomas Lawrence: Portrait of Queen Charlotte
Lawrence captures a poignant image of the wife of George III.

Posts Illustrated by Lawrence's Works


Anonymous said...

I can't express how lush, beautiful, and evocative I find the paintings of Thomas Lawrence. I have never had the privilege of seeing any of them in person, but if they have this much impact when viewing them in books and on my computer screen, I can only imagine what it would be like to see the real thing!

Catherine Curzon said...

They are breathtaking, Mimi, truly. I'm off to the Reynolds exhibition in a month and I ceally can't wait!