Friday 24 April 2015

An All-Time Countdown

This week the salon ticked past its 500,000th page view so I thought I would look back at the five most popular posts (using not very scientific methods!).

Thank you all for visiting the salon, sharing these stories and your own and keeping the glorious Georgian world alive with your enthusiasm and passion for history

An Execution for Blasphemy: Thomas Aikenhead
In Edinburgh, a young man faces the noose..

The Scandalous Matter of La Reine en Gaulle
A portrait of Marie Antoinette causes a scandal...

The Marriage of Napoleon and Marie Louise
A fateful union!

A Twist of Fate for Dick Turpin
A trip to the post office proves fatal for the famed highwayman...

Floating to Jamaica: Matthew "Monk" Lewis is (Not Quite) Buried at Sea
What became of the notorious author's corpse?

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