Sunday 21 June 2015

The Salon Digest

Thanks to my gadding about last week we have plenty to catch up on in the Digest; I hope you find something to intrigue!

Austen, Heyer, & the Prince of Orange: Pugs in Literature and History

Mimi Matthews takes a look at the influence of the pug!

What became of the Ursulines in the French Revolution? Regan Walker investigates...

I review the marvellous Benjamin Franklin House!

A closer look at a remarkable chair carved from a battlefield tree.

Sue Wilkes takes a look at the fashions on Jane Austen's world!

Claire Cock-Starkey lifts the lid on researching for the British Library.

A 16 year old boy sends a letter home from the battlefield.

Chris Woodyard tells of an actress tormented by a screaming spectre...

Orson's Shadow
News of a new play starring Adrian Lukis, aka 1995's wonderful Mr Wickham!

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