Tuesday 7 July 2015

A Digest of Richard Brinsley Sheridan

Richard Brinsley Butler Sheridan (Dublin, Ireland, 30th October 1751 – London, England, 7th July 1816)

by Sir Joshua Reynolds

Richard Brinsley Sheridan is one of my Georgian idols and, since today marks the anniversary of his death, I thought I would assemble a digest of Sheridan posts; I do hope you find something to enjoy...

"The very pineapple of politeness!" 
The remarkable life of Sheridan.  

"Death's a debt"
The sad death of Sheridan.  

Fire at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane
Sheridan's fortune goes up in smoke! 

The Bittersweet Life of Thomas Linley the Elder
Sheridan duels for the hand of his sweetheart.  

The Malapropism
RenĂ©e Reynolds investigates the infamous Mrs Malaprop! 


Anne said...

Thank you! I love his wit

Catherine Curzon said...

So do I; a real character!

VaneWimsey said...

Thank you for the Reynolds portrait! I've had so much trouble trying to figure out what he really looked like. The portraits don't look like the cartoons (mostly by Gillray), and vice versa. This portrait seems to bridge the gap. Especially the nose!

Catherine Curzon said...

A pleasure; I agree that he is hard to pin down! I tend to view the Reynolds as the definitive portrait but he always looks so very different.