Thursday 27 August 2015

A Bumper Salon Digest

The salon has welcomed so many guests recently that it's been a while since I presented a digest of the latest posts; since I'm gadding about this weekend, enjoy this bumper digest and I shall see you next week!

An Evening with Jane Austen
Join Adrian Lukis of Pride and Prejudice fame and Sharpe's Caroline Langrishe at Godermersham for an evening of Jane Austen... you can say hello to me too if you're so inclined!

A Jewel in Paris
Join Shannon Donnelly for a tour of the Tuileries! 

Princely Debts and a Wealth of Resources
Charlotte Frost takes a trip to the archives with the profligate George IV...

Choose Your Own Adventure... 18th Century Style!
Elyse Huntington chooses her own adventure... 18th century style! 

"You are female; I won't say woman"
Dr Sara Read unveils the remarkable letters between an Irish bishop and his daughter.  

The English Pudding - or Comfort Foods of the British Isles
A tasty dessert course from Becca St John! 

Lead Mining Corruption, Bribery and Murder
A shocking tale of murder from Ayr Bray...

The Regency Sex Trade
Jude Knight looks at the sex industry in the Regency.

The Jane Austen Festival
What's on offer in Bath this year?

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