Wednesday 12 August 2015

A Fascinating History of Theatre Scandal and Fashion

I am delighted to welcome Jillian Drujon of Feather and Flask to share news of an exciting 18th century event of scandal, fashion and theatre!

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Fascinating History
of Theatre Scandal and Fashion

Sunday 13th September 1-4pm Dr Johnson's House

Join Jillian of Feather and Flask and Adrian Teal on a journey behind the curtains to the eighteenth century stage, where you will then craft a fascinator fit for any grand theatre entrance of your own!

Acclaimed caricaturist and author of the scandal-laden Gin Lane Gazette, Adrian Teal will regale you with tales of intrigue and salacious stories as he introduces you to many women and men who created a stir both on and off stage.

The eighteenth century saw an explosion of interest in fashion with many ladies going to extreme measures to out-do each other and Adrian will enchant you with anecdotes of the actresses that created fashion trends of their very own and of the most outrageous fashion statements of the era. 

After your head has been filled with with these tantalising tales and your imagination has piqued you will then turn to the tables which are filled to the brim with materials and adornments. Jillian of Feather and Flask will instruct you in fascinator making techniques so you can make a fascinator of your very own using such things as silk, flowers, ribbon and feathers and more.

We will then will retire to Dr Johnson's (I forgot where Celine said we could drink gin and tonics) room to partake in a well earned gin and tonic and traditional eighteenth century biscuits continuing the entertainment.

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