Friday 11 December 2015

Artisan Fair and Book Signing

It's a pleasure to welcome Jude Knight, with news of an artisan fair in aid of charity!


Mrs Marlowe, proprietor of Mrs Marlowe’s Book Emporium and Tea Rooms (fondly known as The Bluestocking Bookshop), is proud to announce a special pre-Christmas charity and gift-buying event.
On 12 December, the characters from the Bookshop will be introducing authors and artisans from the ‘real world’ in an Artisan Fair and Book Signing. Join this Facebook Event for readings, (electronic) book signing, and special deals on handcrafted items for the holidays You can find the event at
Before the event, the characters are setting up booths for the authors and artisans. Do stop by to talk to them! You might also want to drop by the Bookshop, where characters are setting up informal ‘tea tables’ to talk about the books and other items they will be reading from and signing on the day of the fair.
Authors will ‘sign’ (Kindle and print) books on the day of the event, but feel free to leave your Kindle request on the site between now and then. Links for participating authors can be found on the ‘vendor stall’ threads.


Mrs. Marlowe, Proprietress of the Bluestocking Bookshop
Mr. Archibald Poltrune, Bookshop Manager
Miss Fanny Vincent, Shop Assistant
The Duke and Duchess of Wellbridge (from Royal Regard)
The Earl and Countess of Chirbury (from Farewell to Kindness)
Eleanor, Duchess of Haverford (from A Baron for Becky)
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew and Georgiana Mallet (From Dangerous Works)
The Countess of Chatham (from the fictional and non-fictional works of Jacqueline Reiter)
Other patrons to be announced.
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