Monday 29 July 2019

Being Mr Wickham - SOLD OUT!

I'm absolutely delighted to say that Being Mr Wickham, starring Adrian Lukis, is now completely sold out at Bath! You can imagine how thrilled I am that my very first theatrical show is a sellout, but luckily there are still a handful of tickets left at Stamford. Be quick though, they're flying out the door!

"Written off as a rake and reviled as a rogue, join George Wickham on the eve of his sixtieth birthday to discover his version of some very famous literary events. From childhood games at Pemberley to a run-in with Lord Byron, via marriage to Lydia and just a little bit of matchmaking for Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy, Mr Wickham is ready to set the record straight."


Carole in Canada said...

Congratulations! i am not surprised!

Catherine Curzon said...

Thank you!