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If you'd like to book me for your venue, society or event, you can find a list of the talks I can offer below. Of course, it's possible to request a brand new talk tailored to your specific needs. If you'd like to discuss further, do get in touch

Jane Austen and the King of Bling
This lively talk looks at the sometimes  shocking, always scandalous, private life of ‘the first gentleman of England’ and discovers why Austen boldly declared she ‘hated’ this monarch even after she was his honoured guest at London’s most prestigious address.

The Many Lovers of the King of Bling
This eye-opening talk delves into the scandalous life of George IV. From  illegitimate children, scheming mistresses and even a strapping Italian solider, no stone is left unturned in a breathtaking romp through the scandals of a singular monarch indeed.

The Lady of Ahlden
When George I arrived in England to begin his reign, no queen stood by his side. Instead, his bride was locked away in Ahlden for three decades, ruing the day she met a dashing Swedish soldier who disappeared one summer night. What became of this murdered lover, and what part did a powerful royal mistress known as "the bloated spider" play in the sorry affair?

The Mistress of the Military 
Mary Anne Clarke was the mistress to  a prince. She also got rich selling military commissions and when placed on trial in Parliament, turned scandal into celebrity. This is a story of army life, sibling rivalry and a rivalry between princes that brought echoes of Cain and Abel to George III's court.

Death and the Queen
Not for the faint of heart, learn more about the terrible death of Queen Caroline of Ansbach, wife to George II. From an innocent hernia to a hellish bowel operation and the grisly outcome, this tale of medical mistakes is certainly not for the squeamish!

In Kitty’s Company: Courtesans, Ladies and Strumpets 
Meet the 18th century's finest and most scandalous courtesans, from those who became legends to those whose tales will bring a tear to even the most jaded eye.

Sam & George: When Dr Johnson met George III
Travel back in time to 1767, when the creator of the dictionary met the King of Great Britain amid the bookshelves of the royal library. 

The Curious Story of Peter the Wild Boy
In 1725, hunters led by King George I captured a feral child in the forests of Germany and took him home as a pet. Nicknamed ‘Peter thewild boy’ the little boy became a novelty at court and was brought to England to entertain and amuse the royals. Living in palaces, adored by princesses and heralded as a celebrity, Peter was a curiosity to thrill seekers and scholars alike. Yet when the glamour faded, what became of Peter the wild boy and, more to the point, where did he come from?

The Mad King and the Coronation Chair
The madness of George III is legendary. Restrained, gagged, blistered and plied with leeches, the king suffered humiliating and brutal treatment at the hands of those who were charged with his care. In a country wracked by upheaval both at home and abroad, the monarch’s madness left Britain in turmoil whilst, imprisoned at Kew, he ranted and foamed at the mouth.

Mania and Melancholy - mental health in the eighteenth century

An exploration of attitudes to mental health in the eighteenth century through the discussion of the philosophies that started to develop, Dr Johnson’s own struggles, including his self-diagnosed ‘hypochondria’, and the infamous ‘madness of King George III.’

More Than a Dream: Innovation and Enjoyment in the Age of Enlightenment

In the Georgian era, knowledge and technology moved at a breathless pace. The Age of Enlightenment changed the landscape of the nation and from the saucy celestial bed to to intriguing experiments such as the so-called Electrical Boy, people couldn’t get enough of this brave new world.

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