Saturday 21 December 2013

The Naval Life of Admiral Philip Affleck

Philip Affleck (Dalham, Suffolk, England, 1726 – Bath, Somerset, England, 21st December 1799)

Admiral Philip Affleck

I have always liked a nice naval uniform and so a British Navy Admiral is very welcome here in the salon, especially one with a tale worth telling. Born to a wealthy family and with a brother who was also a naval hero, it is a pleasure to look at the life of Admiral Philip Affleck.

One of 18 children born to Anna Dolben and politician Gilbert Affleck, Philip enjoyed a privileged childhood in Dalham Hall, Suffolk. From an early age he was determined to go to sea and began his career working for the East India Company before moving on to serve in the British Navy. An acting-Lieutenant by the age of 29, Affleck distinguished himself at the Siege of Louisbourg in 1759 under Boscawen and by reward was promoted to command, from here rising rapidly through the ranks to captain HMS Panther in India.

Affleck was known as a brave, cool-headed captain and one who inspired trust and loyalty in his men. He remained in the Navy for more than three decades though was not always on active service until, in 1790, he was appointed Commander-in-Chief of the Jamaica station. Here he would remain for two years until his return to England, where he was appointed as one of the Lords of the Admiralty under our old friend, John Pitt, Earl of Chatham. He rose once more though the ranks and became Admiral of the White in 1799, the pinnacle of a long career.

Affleck retired at the age of 70 and enjoyed a quiet retirement in Bath, where he died peacefully  on 21st December 1799.


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