Tuesday 18 November 2014

My Wonderful Salon Guests!

I thought the time was right to sing the praises once more of my wonderful salon guests, who have visited the Guide to share their stories with us. As new guests visit, you will find the page listing their contributions updated but I why not peruse the list below and dip into their wonderful historical worlds! Should you wish to share a guest post here at the salon, do let me know!

Although the Guide never strays far from history, those who write on the subject of the long 18th century in both fact and fiction are always welcome! If you are a fan of historical fiction, you will enjoy Judith Arnopp's post on writing for the genre, whilst Jacki Delecki let us in on the secrets of turning her fiction into an audiobook. 

Anna Belfrage offers an insight into faith and David Ebsworth does likewise in a very different way, examining the life of a remarkable military lady. Somewhat less dangerous was the Regency love of flowers as discussed by Kathryn Kane, whilst Maria Grace remains at home with a look at toys and games of the long 18th century and Sarah Shaw invited us to join a Georgian picnic in 2014! Should you be in more of a mood for a night on the town, why not visit Vauxhall Pleasure gardens in the company of  Grace Elliott or Alicia Rasley for a Georgian masquerade?

Further from the safety of home and hearth, CW Lovett brings the Siege of Louisbourg to life and Sarah Murden and Jo Major  lift the scandalous lid on a spy, traitor and trigamist! Also scandalous was Marie Antoinette's approach to etiquette, as discussed by  Ginger Myrick, whilst Laura Purcell brings us the somewhat less polarising life of Charlotte of Mecklenbug-Strelitz.

If you prefer things a little calmer, join  Christine Plunkett for her tale of the restoration of Ralph Allen's tomb or perhaps take a stroll in a Georgian garden in the heart of Sheffield in the company of Adam Smith. Still outdoors, though not quite pastoral, is Willow C Winsham's Halloween tale of a ghost ship whilst Nick Smith talks pirates, though not of the ghostly kind!

Last but not least we come to the Pitts in the company of Jacqui Reiter and Stephenie Woolterton, whose multiple posts on this remarkable family make for fascinating reading!

Jacqui Reiter
Mary Elizabeth, Countess of Chatham 
The Collapse of the Earl of Chatham in the House of Lords 
John Pitt, 2nd Earl of Chatham

Stephenie Woolterton 
Re-thinking the Death of William Pitt the Younger: His Legacy
 Humphry Repton’s Memoirs of Two British Prime Ministers 
Happy 255th birthday, William Pitt the Younger: Remembering Hayes Place 
Lady Hester Stanhope on Board the H.M.S. Salsette     

I hope you find something to enjoy, it's an honour and a privilege to feature so much wonderful work!


Unknown said...

Thank you for the opportunity, Madame! I feel honored to be included! Keep up the FABULOUS work! :D

WillowWinsham said...

What Ginger said! xx

Catherine Curzon said...

And you have an open invitation to return!

Catherine Curzon said...

Merci; your invitation (and that of all here) is open!

Gem Twitcher said...

Madame,I feel both honoured and privileged to listen to the wonderful tales that come from both you and your wonderful guests.The fame of your salon raises Madame Gilflurt to heights over and above that of any"bluestocking"!

Catherine Curzon said...

And it is, of course, always a pleasure to welcome you to the salon, sir!