Monday, 29 December 2014

Dining Al Fresco, Georgian Style

It is a little chilly for picnics at the moment and if it were, no doubt my colonial gentleman and I  would pack our hamper and trot off to some far flung part of the countryside to enjoy the fresh air and some good food. Our hamper is a rather nice on but it is nothing compared to this fabulous travelling canteen that has caught my eye today, just a few months after we cast our eye over Bonnie Prince Charlie's very own canteen.

1779 canteen

Samuel Bardet was born in Switzerland in 1719. He became a silversmith of some renown and created pieces for the gentry, who would pay handsomely own his work. From his base in Augsburg, Germany, Bardet built an illustrious client base and one of his creations is this remarkably beautiful travelling set, which is perfectly Georgian.

The hallmark of this set suggests it was completed in 1779 and it contains a variety of items to ensure that the well-tooled traveller might have all they need to dine in style. There are utensils for carving and serving, eating and drinking and even tiny holders for spice, all beautifully protected in a custom-fit travelling case. The occasion on which this might have been used is suggested by the engraving of a male and female hunter on the glassware and no doubt the hunters who carried it were a fine pair indeed!


Debra Brown said...

Now if only they could have had a modern silver polishing cloth!

Petrea Burchard said...

Lavishly lovely. What a discovery!

Catherine Curzon said...

Such a treat for a picnic!

Regencyresearcher said...

I am sure some used this when they traveled just as they carried their own sheets. Lovely.

Catherine Curzon said...

A very classy way to travel.