Sunday 21 December 2014

The Sunday Digest

Once again, it's time for the salon week in review. Settle with a cup of tea, a slice of something nice and gad back through the week just gone.

The Death of the "Swedish Mozart"
On Monday we visited a dramatic torchlight funeral for the sad death of Joseph Martin Kraus, the man known as the Swedish Mozart.

The Rice Portrait
In honour of the birthday of Jane Austen, Tuesday found us investigating an artistic mystery, with a closer look at a portrait that the owners believe shows a young Jane.

The Invention of the Davy Lamp
It was back to my mining heritage on Wednesday, and the story of the innovative Davy Lamp, a Georgian safety innovation!

Prelude to Revolution: Sultan Mahmud II and Ali Pasha of Ioannina
On Thursday, it was an honour to host Kathryn Gauci, author of The Embroiderer.

To close the week on Friday, I shared news of an exciting new literary award in honour of a talented and unique lady, MM Bennetts.

Last but not least, Saturday found me welcoming Willow C Winsham to the salon to tell us of Welshmen and their mermaids!


Sue Bursztynski said...

And an excellent week it has been too! Thanks for this delightful blog. The eighteenth century is not usually my thing, but I really look forward to your posts, even. If I don't always comment. Have a great festive season with your colonial gentleman! I'll be curling up with my new book on historical food by Heston B.

Catherine Curzon said...

Thank you, Sue, it's always lovely to hear from you and I'm so glad you find the blog entertaining. Do enjoy your book!