Wednesday 4 February 2015

The Election of George Washington

As the wife of a colonial gentleman, it seems only appropriate that we take a jaunt to America today in recognition of an important political anniversary in the history of that country. If your appetite is whetted, do pop across to learn more of George Washington's inauguration but for now, let us see how he came to assume the office for which he is remembered. 

George Washington by Gilbert Stuart, 1797
George Washington by Gilbert Stuart, 1797

The sixty nine members of the Electoral College met to vote on the man who would become the first president of the United States on 4th February 1789. They were offered a choice between Washington and John Adams and, with Washington claiming a unanimous victory, Adams was named Vice President. His triumph at the poll came as no surprise to anyone but there was certainly no time for Washington to relax and celebrate this historic achievement.

As soon as word reached the Washington home in Virginia, an anxious George Washington set off for New York and the first days of what has become an iconic office.

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