Friday 27 November 2015

A Bumper Salon Digest

The salon has welcomed so many guests recently that it's been a while since I presented a digest of the latest posts; much to enjoy in this bumper edition!

A Gallery of William Hogarth
Enjoy some wonderful artworks!

Nosferatu: A Review
A Gothic night at the theatre... 

The Noisy Ghost of Poplar
A mischevious spook torments the locals...

The Unthinkable Triangle
Joana Starnes discusses her latest Austen variation!

A Tangled Matrimonial Mess!
Bigamy and scandal from Huddersfield!

For Halloween: Ghosts, Highwaymen and the Terrible Tyburn Tree
A collection of terrifying tales...

The Birthday of Marie Antoinette
From childhood to the scaffold, a collection of queenly posts.

Darkness and Light: A Review
A Gothic day out in Manchester...

Modern Day Fiction from Historical Fact
Terry Tyler discusses how the past inspires her creativity!

A Report of Bigamy
A cheeky judge hears a scandalous case...

The Horrible Murder of Count and Countess d’Antraigues
Naomi Clifford delves into a murderous mystery.

Boats, Barges & Sledges: Gadding about Abroad
Take to the road with Lucinda Brant.

A Slice of Regency Christmas Cake!
A tasty post from Sasha Cottman.

German Sausages and Flying Ambulances!
Sarah Mallory lifts the lid on Napoleonic medicine.

Mr Foote's Other Leg
A night at the Haymarket!

Christmas in the Regency
A look at some Regency traditions...

A tasty post from Kimberly Walters...
Meer Jane's gadabout cousin, with Jane Odiwe!


Sue Bursztynski said...

Goodness, so much to choose from, where do I start? I do follow your blog, but must have somehow missed some of these.

Wishing a happy festive season to you and your colonial gentleman.

Catherine Curzon said...

Thank you, Sue, and to you and yours too!

Carol Hedges said...

Although we come from different worlds, I do enjoy your posts...looking forward to reacquainting myself with some of these ....

Catherine Curzon said...

High praise indeed, coming from a Victorian like your fabulous self, thank you!