Monday 2 November 2015

The Birthday of Marie Antoinette

Maria Antonia Josepha Johanna (Vienna, Austria, 2nd November 1755 - Paris, France, 16th October 1793)

On this day in 1755, Marie Antoinette was born. The late queen crops up many times in my forthcoming book, Life in the Georgian Court and I thought this would be a fine opportunity to look back on the posts in which she has featured.

I hope you will enjoy this gad into the queenly archives! 

The Queen's Possessions

The queen's very own make up chair!

A painting depicts the young dauphine in her musical element. and read more about the magnificent harp that the queen adored.

All that remains of a magnificent dress...

And the dainty shoes that might have accompanied it...

A picture of the queen in her lingerie causes a sensation!

The Queen's Marriage and Family

Maximilien Robespierre Welcomes Louis XVI
What happened when a young Robespierre waited in the rain to greet the king and queen...

A Parisian Fireworks Disaster
When a crowd gathered to celebrate the marriage of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, terrible tragedy struck.

The Marriage of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI
A happy day for the Dauphin and Archduchess.

"She would have been my friend"
The short life of a royal princess.
The Queen's Death

My Blood Alone Remains
The final hours in the life of Marie Antoinette

The Queen's Last Journey
An iconic sketch by a master of Revolutionary propaganda.

A poignant memorial to the late queen's children, written in her final hours. 

Life in the Georgian Court, true tales of 18th century royalty, is available at the links below.

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