Wednesday 3 February 2016

The Top 5 of January

As we gad into February, it’s time to settle with a cup of tea and take a look back at the most popular posts for the months just gone!

Mimi Matthews takes a look at a very useful accessory for fashionable ladies!

A trip north of the border with Alicia Quigely to discover the truth about tartan!

Join Rosy Cole and tread the scandalous boards…

A cheeky tale of bottoms from Suzan Lauder!

Don’t miss this fantastic new exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery.


Unknown said...

Two Nerdy Girls Blog wrote about British Bum Shops. I like this page for fun and quick looks at social behaviors that also included fashion. Etiquette? Sometimes fails a lady when the skirt by accident during a church service-hitched up above the bum by accident. I forgot to keep my coat on and really was embarrassed at that moment I was 28 years old. Never forget to look before committing one's self to another encouragement-feel some times mistakes are made, but humiliations are around in a proper setting of moralists. atk

Catherine Curzon said...

Oh no, that's so embarrassing - it happens though! ;-)