Tuesday 29 March 2016

The Bum Ghost

Whilst leafing through some newspapers of late I found this cheeky little classified ad; do enjoy the appearance of the frightful Bum Ghost!

General Advertiser (1744), 27th August 1746

This Day is publish'd, Price 6d.

THE BUM GHOST; or, An Emblematical Print of a Monthly Meeting of the Independent Inhabitants of Westminster, Aug. 1, 1746, at which Councillor Morgan fill'd the chair, and after drinking K- J-'s Health, without his Head, from the Butt End of his Body, made a Speech to them.

Sold by M. Cooper in Pater-noster Row; at M. Overton, at the Golden Buck Fleet Street; and at all other Pamphlet and Print-shops in London and Westminster.

Hardly the typical political meeting, but a little snippet I thought might amuse!

The Bum Ghost


Anonymous said...

Did he farth?

Catherine Curzon said...

I believe he did!