Wednesday 20 April 2016

Reigning Men: Fashion in Menswear, 1715–2015

Beginning with the eighteenth century, the male aristocrat wore a three-piece suit conspicuous in make and style, and equally as lavish as the opulent dress of his female counterpart. The nineteenth-century ‘dandy’ made famous a more refined brand of expensive elegance which became the hallmark of Savile Row. The mid-twentieth-century ‘mod’ relished in the colorful and modern styles of Carnaby Street, and the twenty-first century man—in an ultra-chic ‘skinny suit’ by day and a flowered tuxedo by night—redefines today’s concept of masculinity.
The Macaroni ensemble: Man’s Three-piece Suit, ca. 1770. Sword with Chatelaine, late 18th century. Men’s Pair of Shoe Buckles, late 18th century (LACMA)
The Macaroni ensemble (LACMA)
Drawing primarily from LACMA’s renowned permanent collection, Reigning Men makes illuminating connections between history and high fashion. The exhibition traces cultural influences over the centuries, examines how elements of the uniform have profoundly shaped fashionable dress, and reveals how cinching and padding the body was, and is, not exclusive to women. The exhibition features 200 looks, and celebrates a rich history of restraint and resplendence. 
This exhibition was organized by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and made possible by Ellen A. Michelson. Additional support is provided by the Wallis Annenberg Director’s Endowment Fund.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 10 April — 21 August 2016
Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, 3 December 2016 — 12 March 2017

Saint Louis Art Museum, 25 May — 17 September 2017


Demetrius said...

My cost estimate is in the region of a years annual average income. If on borrowed money, perhaps 20% compound. No wonder that many of the Macaroni did not last long.

Catherine Curzon said...

An expensive hobby!

Stephen Barker said...

I don't suppose this exhibition will be travelling to England.

Catherine Curzon said...

If only!

Unknown said...

why should it? there are many excellent costume displays in England - V&A in London, in Bath and in Lincoln just to name a few.

Catherine Curzon said...

One more never goes amiss!