Thursday 30 June 2016

Publication Day!

Life in the Georgian Court is released today in the UK and as you can imagine, I'm terribly excited!

I am absolutely thrilled that the book has been named Book of the Month for July by Majesty Magazine and I really do hope that readers enjoy it. Thank you everyone for your support, friendship and encouragement. To readers and guest posters and everyone who has taken the time to visit the blog, which turned three years old this week, I salute you. I've made so many wonderful new friends - here's to the next adventure!


Life in the Georgian Court is a breathless romp through the world of Georgian nobility in the company of the crowned heads of Europe. Stops along the red carpet will include the opulent court of the doomed Bourbons, the absolutist powerhouse of Romanov Russia and the epoch-defining family whose kings gave their name to the Georgian era, the House of Hanover. 

Life in the Georgian Court is available now!

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Lally said...

all the very best dear Madame, so much hard work and now .... the fruits!! enjoy the pleasures of publication, well deserved!

Catherine Curzon said...

Thank you for all your friendship and support!

Anne said...

To the Queen of Gin Lane! Congratulations! Indeed such notice as Majesty Magazine is an honor, thoroughly deserved I'm sure! Love the cover too! I 'm gagging off to Amazon to get my copy!

Catherine Curzon said...

I hope you enjoy it!

Joana Starnes said...

Huge congrats, Catherine, and a wonderful achievement! Can't wait to read it!

Princess Maria Sviatopolk-Mirski said...

I am very interested in this book about
Life In The Georgian Court. My Ancestors are also Georgian Princes/
Princesses. One cousin of mine is
Princess Sonia Orbeliani. She was a
Lady-in-Waiting to the Tsar in a Maria Feodorovna Romanova.

Catherine Curzon said...

Thank you!

Catherine Curzon said...

An illustrious family tree!

Princess Maria Sviatopolk-Mirski said...

I'll have to read this book some day.