Thursday 14 July 2016

A Headless Saint at Mount Martyr

Today we journey to Mount Martyr to meet a headless saint who made an appearance in the newspapers of 1720!

St. Dennis
"I shall conclude the Catalogue with this short Remark upon St. Dennis himself, from whom the Town has his Name. History tells us, he was a Judge of Areopagns in Greece, who embraced Christianity upon reading the Account of St. Paul's Conversion. The French who claim for the Tutular Saint and Patron of their Nation, say he was sent over by Pope Clement to convert the Gauls, and that he was the Apostle and first Bp. of Paris. Their Legend adds, that being beheaded at Mount Martyr, in the times of persecution, he walk'd with his Head in his Hand till he came to this place where he dropped it, and several Crosses and Chappels are erected in the Road from Paris hither, which they pretend were the Places at which he rested. They allege that here he was bury'd, tho the monks of St Emeran's near Ratisbon, pretend to have his Body, and that the French have only one of his Fingers; And tis not believed after all, they they have ever had him either Dead or Alive; for Dr. Cave in his Lives of the Fathers, with Lanoy, Sirmond and Du Pin, all 3 French Authors, prove that he never was in France at all.

Yours, Oliver Macdonnald"

Weekly Journal or British Gazetteer (London, England), Saturday, December 24, 1720

St. Dennis


GiniRifkin said...

Wow what a story, and the statue is beautiful and rather horrifying at the same time. enjoyed your post

Catherine Curzon said...

Thank you!