Monday 13 March 2017

Mr Wickham Gads to Yorkshire!

Last week, I was lucky enough to take part in A Celebration of Pride and Prejudice at Marsden Mechanics Hall, part of the Huddersfield Literary Festival programme. It was a fabulous day featuring regency dancing from Regency Rejigged, some gorgeous Georgian refreshments and I was so fortunate to host a Q&A with my wonderful chum, Adrian Lukis, aka the rakish Mr Wickham. 

In an hour that passed far too quickly, Adrian discussed filming P&P, his extensive career, beards, hottubs, the pitfalls of method acting and his latest venture bringing theatre to a local London community - nothing was off limits!

We were then treated to some fantastic questions from a really wonderful audience and, as Adrian and I enjoyed a Yorkshire cuppa, the dancers of Regency Rejigged took to the stage to recreate the sights and sounds of the Assembly Rooms.

Below are photographs from the events, courtesy of Angela Dale, Anne Mellor and Robert Bray; Adrian and I had a really wonderful time, thanks to all at the Festival and Friends of Marsden Library!

Regency Assemble!
Yours truly and Adrian!
With HLF superstar, Michelle Hodgson

With FoML superhero, Jenny Hemming!

Mr Wickham and Mme G whoop it up with the Badass Bookworms Bookclub!



Mary said...

What wonderful photos!! Thanks for sharing!!
Adrian looks just the same as he dtd in the '95 version of P&P!!!
What a fantastic opportunity to meet and greet Adrian. Oh,to have been a fly on the wall at such an event!!!

Catherine Curzon said...

It really was a wonderful day; it's always a pleasure to spend time with Adrian and we were lucky to have such marvellous surroundings and a lovely audience!