Friday 7 April 2017

Particular Intentions Audiobook Giveaway!

I am so pleased to welcome LL Diamond with a peek into her new work, Particular Intentions! If you'd like to win a copy of the audiobook, leave a comment below and one shall be chosen at random from my topper!


I’d like to thank Catherine for generously allowing me to shamelessly promote my new audiobook, Particular Intentions.

I wasn’t too certain what it would be like to have someone narrate what I’ve written, but whether you’ve read the original book or not, Leena Elmsley’s work on this book shouldn’t be missed! I couldn’t have lucked out more with her audition and her amazing voice work. I recently had a fan on Facebook tell me that Leena “nailed it,” and I couldn’t agree more.

For those who have not read Particular Intentions, I began writing an unusual courtship tale between Elizabeth and Mr Darcy that turned into much more than they or even I bargained for. 

Blurb from the back cover: 

Who is this Mr. Darcy and what are his intentions? 

Like much of Meryton, the Bennets of Longbourn anticipate the arrival of Mr. Bingley and his friends to Netherfield, yet an unexpected visitor is not a part of Mr. Bingley's or Mr. Darcy's plans. While the two gentlemen attempt to control their uninvited guest, Elizabeth Bennet arrives to tend to her ill sister. An overheard conversation, the intriguing behavior of Mr. Darcy, and Miss Bingley's cloying manner all fascinate her, but manage to throw her emotions into turmoil as well. As Elizabeth becomes better acquainted with Mr. Darcy, his world unfolds and, if possible, it is more complicated than the man himself! Mysterious strangers and seducers lurk in the shadows - enough to threaten anyone's equanimity. Elizabeth's courage will be tested as she not only struggles to discover her own heart, but also why danger seems to surround Mr. Darcy.

And just to make you more curious, I have an excerpt as well.

“Is there no poetry in this cursed library?” Elizabeth muttered under her breath.
Mr. Bingley had indicated that Netherfield’s library had meagre offerings; he had not exaggerated. A few volumes of Shakespeare, a plethora of out-dated books on farming techniques, and a few novels did not constitute a library. At least not in her mind!
She exhaled heavily, the dust on the books flying in every direction, prompting her to cover her mouth with the back of her hand and clear her throat.
“I hope you are not becoming ill, Miss Elizabeth?”
She whirled around. Mr. Darcy stood a few paces back, his posture stiff, his arms at his sides, and a few books in one hand.
“No, I exhaled towards the shelves, and the dust became caught in my throat.”
“Ah.” He stepped towards the fireplace and sat in a chair, placing his reading on the table beside him. “Have you found anything of interest?”
Was that a smirk upon his face?
“Not unless I desire to learn about wool production or how to produce a plentiful harvest.”
His lip lifted on one side. “Yes, the library is rather bare as far as I am concerned.” He gestured towards the books on the table. “I only brought a few from Pemberley, but you are welcome to borrow one if it interests you.”
She approached and tilted her head in an attempt to read the spines without touching them. “Which are you reading at the moment?”
He pulled the bottom from the pile, and she leaned in an attempt to see the title.
“Yes, have you read it?” His head turned, and his blue eyes penetrated hers until she averted her gaze.
“I have. My uncle gave my father a copy Christmas last. I enjoyed it very much.”
“As did I.” His hand lay with a soft touch upon the cover as his fingers curved around its edge.
She flinched when he lifted the remaining books with his other hand.
“Forgive me, I did not mean to startle you.”
With a shake of her head, she reached to take the stack from him, her fingers brushing his as she grasped it. He recoiled, and she dropped his books like a lead weight.
“I am so sorry!” She fell to her knees to gather his property from the rug as he lowered himself across from her; however, she had already organised them and clutched them to her chest by the time he joined her. “Did I pinch you?”
His brow furrowed. 
“I thought perhaps when I shifted them, your finger was pinched between the books for you to draw back with such haste.”
He waved his hand before him. “It is of no matter.”
“Well, this is cosy.”
Her head swung to the door where Miss Bingley stood, a sour expression upon her countenance.
“I thought I might manage a moment alone with Mr. Darcy before I depart—to make my farewells.” Her eyes raked up and down the gentleman in question. “But once again, Miss Eliza, you stand in my way.”
Mr. Darcy stood as Miss Elizabeth rose from her seat. “I understand your carriage awaits you, Miss Bingley. I wish you a pleasant journey.”
She gave an ungracious smile and peered between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth as her expression changed to one of scorn. “I have found Meryton intriguing. Would you care to know why?”
Elizabeth gave a slight shrug and glanced at Mr. Darcy, whose face was a mask. He was neither angry, nor happy. Could he be confused by Miss Bingley’s behaviour as well?
“Despite your lack of response, I am certain you wish to know, and I am more than pleased to tell you.” Miss Bingley gave a malicious-sounding giggle. “Mr. Darcy is such an honourable gentleman—well, except when it comes to me, and Miss Eliza, you believe him to be prideful, if the gossip in town is to be trusted. You took such offence to his remark at the assembly.”
Oh, but to shrink to the size of a tiny bug and scurry away! Mr. Darcy’s eyes blazed at her, but she kept her eyes on Miss Bingley.
“What is the purpose of these reflections, Miss Bingley?” Miss Bingley was certain to have heard the fury in his voice, but she was angry as well, and angry people are not always wise.
“I had an amusing thought last night. Since I could not persuade you to marry me, then it would be such great fun to see you wed to someone who detests you.” Her hand moved to the edge of the door as it began to swing towards them.
Elizabeth gasped. “Miss Bingley!”  She released the books, which clattered to the floor, as she lunged in an attempt to keep the heavy oak panel open, but it was too late. The latch clicked before she could grasp it, and a key secured the lock with a decisive clank.
Mr. Darcy raised a fist, but Elizabeth yanked his arm back to his side.
“What do you intend to do?”
“I shall call for help. Do you want to be trapped within this room so long that your reputation is ruined?”
“It makes no difference if we are confined for five seconds or five hours. The outcome is the same. I wish to marry for love, and I will be forced to marry no one—especially not you, Mr. Darcy!”
She took a deep breath, covered her mouth with her hands and scanned the room. Think, Elizabeth! This house was almost a second home when she was a child. She merely needed to concentrate.
Her eyes halted upon a far window near the left corner. She almost ran until she reached it, looking through the panes and laughing. A minute was all she required to work the latch and open the sash, but as she reached down to her feet, the boots of her present company invaded her line of sight.
She lifted her head. “I would appreciate it if you would turn around.”
“What do you have planned?”
“Something I did often as a child, but have not attempted in a few years.
He remained staring, and she rolled her eyes. “Very well.” With a swift turn, she removed her house slippers and tossed them out the window.
Mr. Darcy’s eyes widened, and he took a step forward. “Miss Elizabeth! I must object! You might do yourself an injury!”
She ignored his protests and climbed upon the sill, placing her feet onto a limb that ran parallel to the house just below where she made her exit. Once she had a firm grasp on two smaller branches above, she lowered herself onto the limb. Would it still hold her weight? She had been considerably smaller the last time she had made the attempt.
The gentleman launched forward to the window. “You must return to the library. It is too risky!”
She lifted a shoulder as she watched her feet on the branch below her. “Then you should have stopped me before I climbed out.”
The way down was quick once the method returned to her. One foot to a lower limb followed by a hand to another. Soon, she was on the ground grinning at Mr. Darcy above. “Now neither of us is forced into an unpleasant situation!”
She glanced in either direction and with no one about, returned her slippers to her feet. “Millie will not appreciate having to clean these!” There was no use for it, however. She could not very well approach the front door of Netherfield with her slippers in her hands.

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♡♥♬ Carolsue ♡♥♬ said...

I love Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy - and I listen to audio books when I travel all the time!
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Jeannie said...

I love Jane Austen. I admit if never listen to one of hers in audible. My girls love listening to books on audible. Com. What a blessing you are to give one away! !

Erika Marie said...

Sounds pretty awesome, I love that excerpt! The whole recoiling thing makes me wonder why, if something happened to him before. Bonding over books though - love it!!! Would love to be entered, followed on Amazon and Facebook and twitter :) Erika Messer hopefuldelights1 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Unknown said...

What a teaser! I can't wait to get hold of the audiobook.

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I'm looking forward to listening to this audiobook. Please, don't add me to the giveaway, as I already own it. :)

Anji said...

Audiobooks are my constant companions on my commutes, especially JAFF audios. I haven't come across Leena as a narrator as yet but it's always good to find a good one as I've heard some horrors in the past. Thanks for another chance to win a copy Leslie. The excerpt you shared is great fun.

Ginna said...

Ooh, that Miss Bingley is such a spiteful witch!