Wednesday 14 June 2017

The Scandalous George IV

Join me for a look at the scandalous love life of George IV in the gorgeous Cannon Hall!
Join us for an evening of tales from author Catherine Curzon on the marriage of George IV and his wife. It has everything with its illegitimate children, scheming mistresses and even a strapping Italian solider. Lots of scandal and “three people in this marriage” as another Princess of Wales once said…

Includes a glass of Prosecco, Paid Bar
£12 per person
14+ Parental Guidance


July 7 
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Demetrius said...

If you look at John Nesbitt 1745-1817 in History of Parliament, Research, Members, this chap was one of Georges more louche companions of dishonour. Jane Austen would have known about these Nesbitt's, something probably lost in Cassandra's clear out, in that Emma Colebrooke was a close friend. I blogged mentioning this on Monday. As for Cannon Hall, lovely place, I knew it well, it was nearly lost in the 1973-1974 shambles of local government reorganisation, a complicated tale of behind closed doors dealings.

Demetrius said...

Ah, Tuesday, Magic Money Trees, apols'.

Catherine Curzon said...

Wonderful, I shall have a read of that blog!