The Gallimaufry

The long 18th century is a rich period of history. Spanning from the Glorious Revolution of 1688 to the dawn of the Victorian Age in 1837, and the reigns of William and Mary to William IV, it contains many of Europe’s most significant wars and revolutions, scientific breakthroughs and political upheavals. 

Together with the estimable artist, illustrator, philosopher and writer, Gareth Southwell, I am proud to announce Madame Gilflurt’s Georgian Gallimaufry, an illustrated guide to some of the period’s most colourful characters: mad kings and libertine princes, power-mad generals and glamorous mistresses, and a supporting cast of charming rogues, detestable villains and lovable eccentrics. 

To begin with, Gareth will produce an illustration to accompany my profile of a particular figure, which will be published here, on Patreon and on Gareth’s website once a month. Long term, we hope to expand our collaboration into more frequent posts and other features; who knows, perhaps even a book to scandalise the salons of London!

In the meantime, do gad over to Gareth's Patreon page and revel in the rich rewards that he has created in order to support and develop the project.

We are seeking nominations for suitable characters, eccentrics, rogues and gadabouts; let us know who you would like to see in the Gallimaufry by leaving a comment or getting in touch!

Click on an image to read the chapters of the Gallimaufry; who knows what you might find?

Dr Samuel Johnson and his monumental Dictionary
Mary Robinson, wronged mistress to a future king of England
Dick Turpin, notorious highway robber.


kneistonie said...

I propose circling within their esteemed circles.

Then James Boswell would be a fine next candidate?

Catherine Curzon said...

Added to the list of nominees, thank you!

Stephen Barker said...

I would like to suggest the artists John Hamilton Mortimer ARA 1740-79, Ben Marshall a sporting artist and later sporting journalist and the celebrated Fat Man from Leicester Daniel Lambert.

Catherine Curzon said...

Much obliged, sir; all are added to the list for future features!