Sunday 30 November 2014

A November Countdown

To celebrate five hundred posts here at the Guide a few weeks ago, I put together a top five countdown of the most popular posts since I opened the salon doors. I hadn't intended the countdown to become a regular feature but it seemed to appeal to quite a few readers who got in touch and let me know that they would like to see a rundown of the most popular posts from each month. I've decided, therefore, to dedicate the last day of each month to a top five of the most popular posts of the weeks just gone. I hope you find something to catch your eye!

5. A Sick Syphon
This isn't quite as gruesome as it sounds, but instead offers a closer look at a regular feature in the Georgian sick room!

4. Life in the Georgian Court
Further details about my contract with Pen and Sword Books and my forthcoming work, Life in the Georgian Court.

3. The Death of the Man in the Iron Mask
The tale of the final days in the life of a mysterious prisoner whose identity remains a mystery.

2. The Goose and Gridiron
A look at the pub where Sir Christopher Wren and the Freemasons met, and more on why a pub sign wouldn't feature writing.

1. Captain Cook Sights Maui
The tale of the famed explorer's sighting of Maui, his efforts to land vexed by weather and coastline.


Sarah said...

Congratulations! I get their catalogues...

Catherine Curzon said...

So do I; it's going to be very strange but lovely to be *in* one!