Monday 14 March 2016

An Announcement: Kings of 18th Century Great Britain

I'm so excited to announce my next book, Kings of 18th Century Great Britain, which has been commissioned by Pen and Sword, my wonderful publisher.

For over a century of tumult, upheaval and scandal, Great Britain was a Georgian land. From the day the German speaking George I stepped off the boat from Hanover to the night George IV, bloated and diseased, breathed his last at Windsor, the four kings presided over a changing nation.  Their reigns were marked by drama and romance, war and crisis. Within these pages monarchs lead their troops into battle, America tears free of British rule and a beloved king finds himself confined to a straitjacket.
Kings of 18th Century Great Britain offers a fresh perspective on the lives of the four Georges and the personal events that shaped their characters and reigns. From love affairs to family feuds, political wrangling and beyond, it is a chance to peer behind the pomp and follow these iconic figures from cradle to grave. As these four very different lives will go to show, being a king isn’t always grand parties and jaw-dropping jewels and sometimes, following in a father’s footsteps can be the hardest job around.

Take a step back in time and meet the wives, mistresses, friends and foes of the these remarkable kings who shaped the nation and find out what really went on behind closed palace doors. Whether dodging assassins, marrying for money, digging up their ancestors or sparking domestic disputes that echoed down through generations, the Georgian kings of Great Britain were never short on drama.


Mark said...

Will keep an eye out for this and congratulations by the way.

Catherine Curzon said...

Thank you!